Temporary employment


Our extensive and reliable network provides us with a constant overview of demand and supply on the labour market. In recent years, there has been a tremendous boom in temporary work. Apprenticeship graduates and experienced skilled workers have discovered the benefits of temporary employment, appreciating the lucrative and dynamic solutions it offers. Many of our long-term candidates have been working for the same clients as temporary employees for years, enjoying the advantages of this flexible employment format. Furthermore, starting off with a temporary job is often the best way of obtaining a permanent position.

Our clients appreciate our thorough selection process, as reflected by the large number of major contracts we have been awarded and the business relationships we have developed.

We search for offers of temporary employment, mainly but not exclusively in the construction industry, and deploy you in the areas in which your personal skill set is needed.

Services and benefits for our clients and candidates

Service for our clients

  • Information about the exact procedure
  • Internal settings of client data
  • Recording of employee master data (nationality, residence permit, child allowances, tax at source, etc.)
  • Communication and administrative tasks with employment agencies and authorities
  • Compliance with all social security obligations involving the registration and de-registration of existing and new employees as well as those leaving the organisation (AHV, BVG, ALV, UV, NBUV, KTG and EO)
  • Drawing up of the temporary hire contract
  • Invoicing of working hours in compliance with GAV provisions (collective bargaining agreement)

Benefits for our clients

  • Dealing with staff bottlenecks thanks to access to the yellowshark® network
  • No administrative workload
  • No risk in the event of an accident or illness
  • Flexible notice periods
  • Project-based billing
  • Audit-proof archiving of all sensitive date (invoices, reports, payroll, payroll journal, salary statements, etc.)
  • Reporting depending on individual agreement

Service for our candidates

  • Recruitment by making contacts
  • Interview
  • Individual support in the German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages.
  • Member of the yellowshark® network
  • Personal signing of your assignment contract
  • Monthly salary
  • Drawing up of interim and final references
  • Annual despatch of salary statement and BVG pension statement

Benefits for our candidates

  • Free A-Z service package
  • Weekly payment on account
  • Interesting group insurance conditions (BVG, UV, NBUV, KTG, health insurance scheme)
  • Support with accommodation search
  • Access to the yellowshark® network for bridging unexpected employment gaps