Project Business / Contracting

Projektgeschäft / Contracting

Project business

Our departments manage highly qualified candidates, placing them in fixed-term or permanent positions in projects with our clients. We take care of all needs quickly and efficiently, also concentrating on the technical requirements of the project.


This involves contracting out all personnel administration activities. We implement flexible and customised billing methods to manage your employees according to their deployment area and time, expense reports, social security benefits, etc. Your workforce can therefore be increased or reduced rapidly and competently, depending on your strategic decisions.

Services and benefits for our clients and candidates

Service for our clients

  • Efficient recruitment of skilled workers via the yellowshark® network
  • Proactive information exchange
  • Executive search
  • Flexibility due to different employment options
  • Communication and administrative tasks with employment agencies and authorities
  • Recording of employee master data (nationality, residence permit, child allowances, income compensation scheme (EO), tax at source, etc.)
  • Compliance with all social security obligations involving the registration and de-registration of existing and new employees as well as those leaving the organisation (AHV, BVG, ALV, UV, NBUV, KTG and EO)
  • Invoicing of working hours in accordance with GAV (collective bargaining agreement)

Benefits for our clients

  • Access to the yellowshark® network
  • Extensive network
  • High-quality candidates
  • Project-based billing
  • Audit-proof archiving of all sensitive date (invoices, reports, payroll, payroll journal, salary statements, etc.)
  • Reporting depending on individual agreement

Service for our candidates

  • Regularly updated overview of the job market
  • Application and career advice
  • Important acts and facts related to the companies
  • Proactive collaboration
  • Executive search
  • Weekly status reports for active candidates
  • Monthly salary
  • Annual despatch of salary statement and BVG pension statement

Benefits for our candidates

  • Free A-Z service package
  • Specialised departments
  • Support by a consultant who has a background in their industry
  • Member of the yellowshark® network
  • Flexibility due to different employment options
  • Employment options due to mandates from our regular clients
  • Interesting group insurance conditions (BVG, UV, NBUV, KTG, health insurance scheme)


We provide specialists for contracting and project business in the following specialist areas:


  • Help desk / support
  • Administration / system technology
  • System rollout
  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Data bases


  • Electrical installation
  • Production
  • Service technology
  • Metalwork
  • Construction
  • Software / hardware development

Finance & Accounting

  • Trust supervision
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payrolling / payroll accounting / personnel administration
  • Financial controlling
  • Auditing

Logistics, Procurement and Sales

  • Logistics
  • Warehouse management
  • Purchaser / strategic purchasing
  • Freight forwarding clerical processing
  • Internal sales force clerical processing