Vacancies in business

Finance & Accounting

Accountants, financial controllers or trustees need more than an affinity for numbers. They need organisational skills, loyalty to company management and the ability to adapt rapidly to new situations. Stay on the ball and take a look at our job vacancies.

Procurement & Logistics

A strong sense of responsibility, commercial intuition and negotiation skills are essential for working in purchasing and logistics. And if a candidate also has good foreign language and interpersonal skills, the job and career opportunities are outstanding in this area. Stay one step ahead. Your dream job is only one mouse click away.

Marketing & Sales

If you like working with people and have a talent for communication and languages, marketing and sales are the right line of business for you. We have interesting opportunities for high-performing, communicative candidates in occupations that require creativity and organisational skills. Browse through our job vacancies, and your career will soon scale new heights.