Sponsorship – yellowshark® sponsors local teams

Team spirit is vital: at work and on the sports field. yellowshark® is the proud sponsor of several Swiss teams, all shaped by a philosophy of fair play, strong team skills and motivation.

HC Seetal

The future belongs to the youth – on the sports field today, in business tomorrow! This motto is perfectly adapted to our sponsorship of the Moskito team of HC Seetal. The team is made up of ambitious ice hockey players aged 11 and 12 years, who are currently playing in the top Swiss league for their age group. Their opponents include Switzerland's ice hockey giants such as Bern, Biel, Lugano, Ambri and Zug.


LK Zug Athletics Club

The LK Zug Athletics Club offers a wide array of sports activities to sports persons. LK Zug also has a good reputation for volleyball. yellowshark® sponsors the men's first team, the «first squad» of LK Zug Volleyball. The team competes in the 1st Swiss league and has existed for many years. Most of the players grew up in and around Zug and were trained by the Zug junior training department.


BSV Borba Lucerne

Since 1965, the BSV Borba Lucerne Handball Club has provided sports lovers of all ages with a sports programme enabling them to take time out from their day-to-day school and work routines. «Borba», as the locals call the club, has enjoyed repeated success on the Swiss A league. In 1993, it won the Swiss championship. Over the years, the club has had some renowned members, including Goran Perkovac, trainer of the Swiss national team for many years, or Andy Schmid, who learned to play handball at BSV and was subsequently twice named best player by the German Bundesliga. BSV Borba Lucerne's first team is currently playing in a pool in the Swiss B league. yellowshark® sponsors the men's third team.


Zenit Züri Football Club

Each year, Zenit Züri Football Club is one of the top contenders for the title of the FCZ-Fanliga of the city of Zurich. Founded in 2005, Zenit won the championship title in 2015 and celebrated a victory in the Hallenmasters in 2016. The more than 30 club members enjoy sport and are delighted each time they put on their jerseys, which are sponsored by yellowshark®, and get away from hectic everyday Zurich life for an hour or two.